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DB Promotion

Dr. Toshihiko Omoto is very enthusiastic about promotion of the DB concept because he believes that DB is the most cost effective project management scheme for dispute avoidance and early dispute resolution of a project.

Dr. Toshihiko Omoto is very active in promotion of Dispute Board concept especially in the Asian region where the developing countries have a lot of infrastructure projects under the official loan of the World Bank (IBRD: International Bank of Reconstruction and Development), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and especially Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Under these loans, FIDIC Harmonised Edition which mandates the use of a DB is used. He conducted a DB tour in Asia for Dispute Resolution Boar Foundation (DRBF) to promote the awareness of the concept of DB. Also under JICA’s programme, he led the team for over five years for the promotion of the DB concept in this area. The activities included the followings:

1. DB tour to Asian Countries for DRBF

He conducted a tour to four countries for promotion of DB concept during 17 and 26 September 2006. He visited Singapore, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Jakarta - Indonesia, Bangkok – Thailand. He had meetings with governmental bodies, civil engineers and consulting engineers societies, arbitration societies and so on. The DB concept was very new to most of the people he met and the meetings were evaluated as very informative.

2. DB promotion programme by JICA

Outline of the activities

Because FIDIC MDB Harmonised Edition is widely used for the infrastructure projects financed by the Multilateral Development Banks and JICA, it was expected that the project employing DB would be increasing. On the one hand, the DB concept was very new in the Asian region and therefore efforts to promote the DB concept were needed. On the other hand, there is few qualified DB Adjudicators in this region and therefore training and assessment of Adjudicators were required.

Dr. Toshihiko Omoto led the team made between Kyoto University and AJCE (Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers1) for the DB promotion and Adjudicator training and assessment programme of JICA for 5 years from 2008 to 2013.



Seminars were held to promote awareness of DB concept.

Meeting with JICA ODA Loan Implementation Agencies and Questionnaire Survey

Meetings were held with governmental officers of the borrowing countries to promote the awareness of DB concept.

Development of Training Kit for Promotion of DB Adjudicators2

This Kit is to be used for DB training for 5-day workshop.

JICA DB Training Workshops and Assessment Workshops3

Using the Training Kit, above described, 5-day Training Workshop was conducted. Later, 3-day Assessment Workshop was conducted.

Development of JICA DB Manual4

This manual should be used by the officers of the borrowing countries of JICA loan and the consultants to the borrowers to learn not only how to manage the operation of a DB but also how to include the cost of DB in the loan. (JICA allows the cost of DB eligible for the loan.)

1. AJCE is the Member Association of FIDIC representing Japan. back 2. back 3. Programmes available on request. back 4. back

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