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大本は京都大学経営管理大学院において「Contract Management and Dispute Resolution」の前期基礎講座を受け持っている。講義は英語で行われ、留学生も歓迎される。



Course Description

Any business, whether it is small or large, private or public or for profit or not-for-profit, requires the people involved to have the understanding of concept of contract for the proper performance of that business. Otherwise, a contract will not be performed satisfactorily to the contracting parties. It is also true and often the case that a mere difference of opinion of the contracting parties leads to a serious dispute.

Taking construction contracts as an example, which is one of the most complicated contracts, the students are to be introduced to the general principle of contract and the methods of dispute resolution and avoidance. 


Each unit is given in 90 minutes.

  1. Introduction to Construction Project of Infrastructure
  2. Introduction to Contract Theory (1)
  3. Introduction to Contract Theory (2)
  4. Introduction to Incomplete Contract Theory
  5. Contract Risk Management (1)
  6. Contract Risk Management (2)
  7. Defect Liability, Professional Liability
  8. Joint Ventures and Subcontracting
  9. Dispute Resolution: Arbitration
  10. Dispute Resolution: Other ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  11. Dispute Avoidance: DB (Dispute Boards)
  12. Case Study and Mock Arbitration of an International Infrastructure Project (1)
  13. Case Study and Mock Arbitration of an International Infrastructure Project (2)
  14. Examination
  15. Individual Interview

In the case study and mock arbitration, the class is divided into two groups to make contracting parties. An arbitrator is to be invited from outside. Students are given a good opportunity to learn the proceedings; preparation of claims and response (defense), hearing and award.

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